APRIL 2020

Tap on a Title to get the Information

Various applications forms and other information leaflets are available at the Local’s Council’s Offices which may also be collected during normal office hours. These are applications for:

  • E.T.C courses
  • E.T.C. forms- Declaration of commencement of new employment/termination of employment
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Passport forms
  • Change in address and surname for ID cards purpose
  • Application for refund of excise tax on trading stocks
  • Application for refund of VAT paid on expenses connected with a wedding function
  • Application for refund of VAT on expenses connected with a funeral
  • Maltacom- freephone/telephone/telefax/telex forms
  • Maltacom- change of billing address/application form for itemised bills
  • Forms for courses issued by the Education Department
  • Skolasports forms
  • Declaration to the Water Services Corporation for any changes in the number of persons in the residence
  • Request for entrance into Government’s Retirement Homes for the elderly
  • Home help assistance for the elderly
  • Forms for Handyman service for elderly
  • Telecare service
  • Registration to be included in the Electoral register
  • Change in address for Electoral register purposes
  • National commission for disabled persons- application form for :- special ID card, reserved parking, social assistance service, disabled persons parking permit